Immutable – A poem by L.E. M. Chaundler

This is another of mother’s poems. It is probably circa 1935 pre WWII, and is, perhaps, inspired by Wordsworth.

You’re the loveliest thing I shall ever find,
Ploughed field on a hill with the sky behind.
Secretly smiling in the winter sun,
And knowing with serene expectancy
The finished cycle once again begun
Enfolding safe the year’s new infancy.
A thousand thousand turning years have rolled
Their seasons on your ageless placid face,
Emperors and Kings in purple pomp and gold
Have waxed and waned, faded and left no trace.
But you are the same on the brow of the hill,
Living and living, calm, ceaseless and still.
Unheeding the restless weary beat
Of countless futile pounding feet,
Leaving behind for all their toil,
Not even footprints in your soil.

Two Things – a poem by L.E.M. Chaundler

This is a poem which I found among my mother’s things. She wrote a number of very beautiful poems, some complex and some simple. In her memory I intend to post them over the next year. I love this simple one as it is so haunting. It was probably written during WWII when so many young men were being killed.

Two things to us come not again –
The love denied,
The opportunity forgone.
Fate will deride
The penance paid in useless tears,
Drowning our laughter.
These things to us come not again.
Their loss, irreparable, in vain
Clings gnawing the relentless years
That follow after.