An Apology

There was a time when I regularly posted a piece of original Jane Stansfeld creative writing every week. Then I began to dry up and suddenly the Covid -19 pandemic came and changed everything. Don’t worry I and all my closest family are fine. It has taken me over a year to become re-energized to write. I greatly admire those who didn’t let a nasty little virus upset their creativity.

When I began to write this post I was prepared to apologize that ALL my creativity died. Then I remembered the Covid-19 chair seat cover that I made in 2020. I post an image of it ready to be upholstered onto a dining room chair.

Let me decode the image. The grey thing in the center represents the virus itself as we a led to believe that it looks under a microscope. Below the virus is a “standard” face mask. Around the edge is a chain to represent the lock downs, Two golden keys float at the top and three padlocks hold the chain together at the bottom. The locks represent the holds exerted by federal, state and local jurisdictions. On either side, inside the lock-down are medical symbols pointing at the virus as they seek ways to immobilize or kill it. The eight blue flowers are forget-me-nots to remind us to remember those who lost their lives to this virus. You will see that the forget-me-not buds are pink – they turn brilliant blue with yellow centers when they open. I sign and date all my tapestries at the bottom. It took about eight months to design and implement this one.

Now that we are into 2021 I pledge to myself that I’ll engage in additional writing creativity and possible more painting. I’ve done one tapestry a year starting with 2015 and now intend a break to encourage other avenues.

7 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. Dear Jane,

    Lovely tapestry, exquisite needlework!

    The pandemic certainly has put a damper on many things, and I, too, have noticed a sharp decline in both my painting and writing, as evidenced on the latter by a dearth of postings.

    But your words have given me impetus to ‘get back in that chair and bleed’, so I thank you for that.

    May the Muse visit you often and thank you for the wonderful post. You handiwork is superb!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Jane, your tapestry design and creation is beautiful. Much creative energy has been squashed in the past year. ❤ Hugs to you both. Xxx

      • You are kind, Jane. I craft on a wing and a prayer. ❤ I agree with you, the changes are starting to become apparent now and I suspect there are more to come. Xxx

  3. Clever craft work. Don’t worry, the bulk of what I blogged this year was written before the pandemic broke and I’ve just started writing again this past week. I will be taking a month or so break within a week to attend to some health issues and hope to be back again in September at the latest.

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