Vilanelle for Dan – The South Side – a poem

This poem was ‘commissioned’ by Dan who has fond memories of the joy of spending time on the warm south side of a haystack. I found the Villanelle form challenging but think that it is a suitable form for the message of this poem.

Sun-coddled, leeward, I hide.
A haystack, my hasty home,
Sitting snug, on the south side.

The arctic air blasts far and wide,
But I escape its biting moan.
Sun-coddled, leeward, I hide

Sleepy, bless’d, I abide,
Adopt the stack as mine alone,
Sitting snug, on the south side.

No special secrets to confide,
Nothing to say that is unknown.
Sun-coddled, leeward, I hide.

Peace rests here at my side,
Eternity and I, alone.
Sun-coddled, leeward, I hide,
Sitting snug, on the south side

5 thoughts on “Vilanelle for Dan – The South Side – a poem

  1. That is a good suggestion Lydia. It willl take me a while to come up with a suitable substitute for the sins. How about
    “Nowhere I’d rather roam,” except this implies movement and it probably needs something static. There isn’t a large choice of things which rhyme with moan, known, alone and home. I’m going to have to keep cogitating on this.
    Thank you, thank you

  2. This is a lovely villanelle, Jane. I’ve tried writing in the form myself, and I know how challenging it is. Because of the subject, the repeated lines work particularly well. Only suggestion/question: Given the general comfort of the poem, “no sins to atone” seems strong.

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