Two Things – a poem by L.E.M. Chaundler

This is a poem which I found among my mother’s things. She wrote a number of very beautiful poems, some complex and some simple. In her memory I intend to post them over the next year. I love this simple one as it is so haunting. It was probably written during WWII when so many young men were being killed.

Two things to us come not again –
The love denied,
The opportunity forgone.
Fate will deride
The penance paid in useless tears,
Drowning our laughter.
These things to us come not again.
Their loss, irreparable, in vain
Clings gnawing the relentless years
That follow after.

4 thoughts on “Two Things – a poem by L.E.M. Chaundler

  1. Are all of the pieces on this site yours? I know you ask for suimsisbons, but if a few of your pieces are up on this site, I’d be happy to comment.It is difficult to hear that your pieces aren’t ready for publication. I worked for years to get my pieces publishable. It’s usually a long road, but you’l get there. Sometimes people are wrong about your publishibility, but sometimes it’s wise to listen to that critique and reevaluate your work. I find it helpful to read the genre I write, which is poetry. See what others are doing and see what you like. Try and figure out why you like it and incorporate it into your work.

  2. I like this poem too but I cannot help thinking that it slightly glorifies regret by intimating that it isnt possible to come to terms with lost opportunities and move on. .

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