Approachable – a poem

This poem was inspired by the line ‘I never could talk to you’ from the fifth stanza of Sylvia Plath’s Daddy. Something which Coco J. Ginger wrote in her blog inspired me to respond with it and so I thought that I should also post it on my blog.

I never could talk to you
You, so powerful, strong,
You with your success,
Your good looks,
Your charm

And I,
Who was I?
I was the nothing at your feet,
An insignificant nobody,
I never could talk to you

Until one day you slipped
I saw you fall, on your face,
Then, when you fell,
From grace,
I could talk to you.

11 thoughts on “Approachable – a poem

    • I agree with your hypothesis, although in this case when the ‘God” lost his/her remote pedestal he/she, rather than rejection, appears to have become a friend /companion. Thank you for your visit, Cheerio, Jane

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  2. How many of us have felt this way? And with the fall, the “god” becomes human. Beautiful, simplistic. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Ingrid. I just left a note on your blog after reading “When Night becomes Morning – 2nd edition”. It is a fast-paced good read – thank you.
      It was a bit of a jungle to get there due to your address change. I’ll be back and hope that you will also. Jane

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