I Remember – a poem

You might enjoy a good laugh today.

The high pile reeked,
Cow manure, good, and rich.
He ordered it to feed the azaleas
I remember her horror as the big
Red dinosaur truck dumped the load
A giant turd on our drive.
The flies arrived with it.

I remember her voice as she yelled
Horror, I remember his cringe, his
Rapid movements as he began to cart
It away, one relentless wheelbarrow
After another, his exhaustion.
I remember the driveway clean
When her dinner guests arrived.

The smell lingered on for days,
Floating on fly-laden air.

13 thoughts on “I Remember – a poem

    • Yep, we are reduced to manure, but at least it gets a chuckle! What did Keats miss – thank you for your visit, Jane

    • Out in the barnyard, barefoot, I remember so clearly, brother Orlando took my hand, asked me to close my eyes, and led me directly to a fresh, warm cowpile in which I inserted my right foot, and he laughed.

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