The Bystander -a poem

Leave him alone,
Do not touch or comfort him,
For he is a vacuum, devoid,
His loss sucked the spice from his life,
Releasing a torrent of feeling from his empty shell.
He does not weep, there are no tears.
He is neither hot nor cold.
He does not talk, he cannot hear you.
His eyes stare, he does not see.
He needs no sleep, no food, there is nothing to nourish.

In time he will have to sleep and eat,
Twofold cures, for they will open
The chasms of his being,
Teaching him emotions like a small child.
Then, he will cry and weep in his anguish,
Closing the void, that he can laugh and live.
But now, leave him alone,
Do not touch or comfort him,
For today, his loss is his companion
And his body a bystander.

6 thoughts on “The Bystander -a poem

    • Interesting phenomena isn’t it? For some people that numb period lasts several days for others it is much shorter. Love, Jane

  1. Yes, a grievous loss shuffles the jigsaw puzzle in the currents of life – time would settle the pieces – but the mural will never be the same.


    • Your comment is pure poetry-and poignant into the bargain. It is true we do emerge transformed. It makes me think that I need to add another stanza.
      Thank you!

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