The voyage – a poem

Strange, incomprehensible, relative, time,
Seems, as the sea, eternal.
Bringing together twofold impressions
Without proof of being.

Unseen image of a land,
Soon to become a reality.
And then the hiatus
The linking span is gone.

Of our voyage, we have no proof,
Dare our scattered senses lie?
With a tangible end,
Was the means an illusion?

It was a drop of eternity,
A ripple taken from Time’s flood,
Swelling, to shrink, unrecognizable,
Into oblivion.

© 6/5/13 Jane Stansfeld

8 thoughts on “The voyage – a poem

    • Thank you for your comment, I agree that this one is loaded with contrasts – there are so many things about eternity which elude us. Cheerio, Jane.

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