Nursery Evening Yoga – a poem

Crouching, children’s chairs,

Bottoms spreading through, around,

Incense in a kindergarten hall,

Dreams of yoga draws them together,

Their backs distorted, lengthened by tiny chairs,

Their feet press hard on ground, discomfort.

A master came to talk, foreign among followers,

Yoga the yoke to link together,

Soon he sits above, serene in harmony,

Talking of the union of mind and body,

And they sit, still upon their chairs,

Grotesquely disproportioned in discomfort,

Overcome, excited by his message,

And captured  by his acrobatics,

They, leaving, stretch their legs,

And talk,, without comprehension, of his message.

© copyright Jane Stansfeld 2013

5 thoughts on “Nursery Evening Yoga – a poem

    • dear hanna,i hope you are well, i am enjoyin life and thknas to your fantastic photos i created a website, its still only in german, the english side will follow one day soon. But maybe you want to have a look. And i am still thinking of posting some little yoga sequences on youtube but this has to wait a little bit, because right now i am not able to practise a lot. After april i hope i will find time and back into my daily yoga routine.lots of love and kisses to you and cretemiss you guysselina

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