Your God – a poem

Man speaks of Yoga,
Yoke between mind and body.
Inexplicable experience,
Consciousness of beyond.
And someone asks:
“Do you believe in God?”
Asking, repeating his question.
The man explains
His God no dogma,
His beyond spiritual.
But still the questioner persists,
A mind, unable to accept
The powerful message at his feet.
And so they part, each his way.
One humble, a mystic unity within his grasp,
The other arrogant and only a word,
God; as his explanation of beyond.

© Copyright, Jane Stansfeld, August 2013

9 thoughts on “Your God – a poem

  1. I liked the poem but I ‘his beyond spiritual’ is in-precise. I think you mean ‘his beyond religious’. ‘Religious’ normally referring to narrow, rule bound, formulaic, and ‘spiritual’ transcendent of rules and narrow definition. And isn’t this what the poem is about really (this distinction) which the religious don’t understand and the spiritual can’t explain. I think that many of our prophets were spiritual – and some were persecuted by the religious, who saw them as a threat.

    • Hi Wyon, the poem must not be clear because the phrase “His beyond spiritual” intended to refer to the spiritual yoga person not the religious person asking “Do you believe in God?” Regardless of the imprecision I see that you got the message and thank you for your thoughts. Cheerio, and a big hug, Jane.

  2. Hindus believe God is in man at his highest level and can be realized by training the mind to look within and thus merge with the infinite. Of course they go through various strata and existences until they reach Brahman status. The lower classes I presume cannot reach that noble state, though various writings are a bit fuzzy on that. They must go through their various incarnations first. I’m glad my philosophy in life is less complicated.

    • Hi Ian again, I may be having blog problems because I thought that I responded to your informative input. I wish I knew more about the Hindu philosophy. From your comments I can see that it is intriguing. Cheerio, Jane.

  3. Yes both are right but I was trying to convey that if we stop at the very simple concept of a supreme being we miss the inexplicable experience of what may, or may not, be beyond. I’m sure that Daniel would agree! As always I thank you for your visit and insightful comment.

  4. Both are drawn to what they believe and understand. This has been a silent debate for a long time now.

    You convey this poem with a style I find beautiful.

    • I agree that it is a silent debate, for surely God is an inexplicable experience of beyond. For the Christian the image of Christ is easy but what about the Holy Spirit and God the Father? If man only clings to the most simplistic image of God (as a name) he misses many of the mysteries of the sublime being. Thank you for your comment and visit – very welcome to me from an expert writer such as yourself. I pray that we stay in touch.

  5. And both are right – as right as their current level of spiritualism reveals, I reckon. Why “current” – hints of hope of what could come.

    Peace and blessings,

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