Charmer – a poem

A gouty lady came to sit,
And eat her sandwiches by me,
With a ministering husband on the go,
Then, she, casting a glance aside,
At me, then tried
To vie for my sympathy.

Did she guess from my eyes that I disapproved?
Did she know, as she looked, that I felt for him?
Did she fathom that I like the underdog?

To settle this simple score,
Her glance became a smile,
Instantly bewitched, I submit, as he,
Then she, she reading her tea cup leaves,
Told each a fortune,
And mine, that I shall also rule.

© Copyright, September, 2013, Jane Stansfeld

8 thoughts on “Charmer – a poem

  1. I see by your explanation that I got it right when I first read it, though I wasn’t’ t sure. I have met such “charmers” and indulged them in their delusions just for the fun of it, I am ashamed to say. They are oblivious to anything but their own image of themselves, so I don’t take them seriously. As for hubby, a henpecked man is usually one who allows himself to be… has something to do with the strange and wonderful private relationship which is marriage, I guess. Keep on truckin’!

    • Yes, there are charmers in all shapes and forms. I agree that the hen-pecked hubby allows himself to be so. He may even enjoy it. However, I suspect that the process whereby he achieves this state is gradual and that in the end he doesn’t like the status to which he has been maneuvered. I suggest that marriage is better when the partners are equal rather than one party dominating.
      As always I thank you, dear poetess by excellence, for your visit and comments
      Cheerio, Jane

  2. Yes, I’ve met quite a few charmers. But as I’m quite often the first to see through them, I come across as the bad guy. By the time others wisen up – the charmer had moved on, with “deep jinggling pockets” as it were.

    An easy to read poem and captured the actor in the woman.

    Have a great weekend,

    • The problem with charmers is that they are just that, and are very adept at evaluating and adjusting tot heir audiences. I just home that the gouty lady’s prediction for me was wrong. As always thank you for your visit – I always look forward to your insights.
      Cheerio, Jane

    • So sorry. It is about a casually met woman who bosses her husband around and seeing that I disapprove charms me into liking her and then goes on to predict that I will be (or are) like her. Not so complimentary to me. Jane

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