Public Dominoes – a poem

This poem describes a lunchtime game of dominos witnessed in a Pub called The Victoria in northern England.

Up go the dominoes,
Into his hands,
Covered by the right,
A ring on each finger,
Ill-assorted array!
They glint as he downs to the table,
Following, Morris smiles
Through bushy beard,
Eyes mischievously aglow,
Down another domino.
Controversial this?
Sure, his eyes spell it,
And all display surprise.
Next that friendly pair,
Betty both to me,
Down dominoes successively.
So, back to Barry comes the game,
Simple banter following along,
I’m knocking,
No twos or threes…
And then, suddenly,
Morris is out.

© Copyright, February 2014, Jane Stansfeld

7 thoughts on “Public Dominoes – a poem

    • Superficially dominos appears to be a simple, even child’s game, but experts, like Morris, generally win. I think that there is a hidden life truth hidden in there somewhere, perhaps concealed in that ubiquitous mud.

  1. Hi Cynthia , I’m sorry but this poem is very simple – not nearly as erudite as your thoughts. The names Morris, Betty and Barry are the names of the players – no other significance. The terms “I’m knocking: “No twos or threes” are dominos banter – what the players say to each other. This poem attempted to capture the moment of the game, and the ease with which the skilled player won; nothing more no hidden meaning. Perhaps I should have included something about the pub and the beer as well as the game?
    Clear as mud?
    Thank you for your visit, Please don’t give up on me as I promise that the next post will be clearer,

    • Isn’t it funny how one can come to a “literary musing” with an overload of expectation of something serious and meaningful when simply (as the kids say) “it is what it is!” Now that you”ve straightened me out, I’ve ‘re-read several times, and it’s funnier by the minute…”Betty both to me”…etc….I like it! Thanks for your patience, Jane

  2. I am an anglophile, and a Jane-ophile, and very much inclined to appreciate a dominoes game in an English pub…only, I know nothing of that game and need help to know what this is about…who is Morris, and why? And what about Betty and Barry? Why are you knocking? Sorry for my ignorance…..please advise…

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