Gin and It. – a poem

Doctor Jim’s ritual for harmonious life.
One dose a day, taken, punctual at six.
Medication served with tinkling ice
in shot glasses on a silver tray.
All must participate and,
sip slowly, savor every drop.
No substitutions or generics,
the best, essential for this love offering.

To start his prescription formula
two drops of Angustora bitters,
their aromatic flavor coaxes contrasts
brings spice to each life.
His Gin, one ounce Beefeater,
perfect, pure unmarred,
doused into the glass,
a pep, a pick me up.

His “It”, Martini-Rossi Italian Vermouth,
two ounces, one sweet, one dry
life experiences in harmony
He curls in a fresh twist,
of lemon peel, no pith,
it’s acidity sharpens senses.
Finally ice to fight the heat of ardor,
the whole, not shaken, stirred with love.

His served elixir, a recipe
for success of lives in his care.
His love seal to blend together,
family and all in his home,
his oblation of pleasure,
delivered to each as father, doctor,
selflessly served with equal reliability
and dedication given to all.

© copyright, July 2014, Jane Stansfeld

10 thoughts on “Gin and It. – a poem

    • I thought that you were a Jack Daniels exclusive, but should have known that you would be familiar with, and enjoy, other niceties of life. Thank you for your visit.

      • By the way, I have a poem entitled “Shaken, Not Stirred”, that I may post one of these days. It features Beefeater’s–still my favorite after sampling many. The different brands really do taste differently; it’s all in the particular preference. ( Then, too, I’ve always carried a small torch for a large, handsome, Beefeater guard I met while waiting in line to view the crown jewels at the Tower of London). 🙂

        • I’m glad that Beefeaters also appeals to your taste. It is good and smooth and goes well in the ‘Gin and It’ or ‘Trinity’ drink. Do post ‘Shaken not Stirred’ – I seldom shake a drink (too much to clean up)
          Cheerio or Cheers!

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