Frog’s Night – a poem

Last night it rained.
Tonight a caressing moon
Casts eerie luminosity,
But it is noise which eclipses.
For this night is frog’s night
The bulls circle my pond,
Singing, calling to their froggies.
Some rill, their throats blown up,
Others croak, ribbit, ribbit,
Invitations to a mating dance.

I lie abed, harken to the refrain.
Wonder, will the neighbors complain?
I try to differentiate voices.
I rise and step outside
To flash brightness over the waters.
Instant silence, only insects continue
Their leg rubbing buzz aloft.
I turn off the blinding light.
The cacophony renews its might
Takes up where it left off.

I muse about men,
Theirs a complex dance.
Wouldn’t many love
To take a stand and call
A man’s mating cry,
“I’m virile and sexy
Come to me”. And then,
Wait for girls to respond
So, without further ado
They could do what all do.

For yes the frogs mated.
This night they copulated.
Now in the pink dawn
The pond teams with spawn.

© Copyright, June 2015 Jane Stansfeld

10 thoughts on “Frog’s Night – a poem

    • Thank you, thank you, I agree that the frogs have an easier time but then most sub-species of frog completely abandon their offspring. One could also argue that one both ways!

  1. So visual! Reminded me of monsoon time in India when frogs emerge and do their thing. Your poem highlighted what they were up to at the time. lol. I was quite amused at the extension of the froggy thought to men’s mating croak. Must remember that when I hear the frogs at work next time. 🙂

    • Yes, those frogs have it great. I assume that Austin is rather like India with prolonged periods of drought when the frogs hide and go into hibernation waiting for the rains, food and mating.

    • Thank you Wyon. I’ve no doubt that your pond will get adopted. Apparently frogs like to go back to the place of their birth and once the cycle gets started it increases and increases! I didn’t get in the part about the females all hopping in from the surrounding landscape which might have made another interesting verse!

  2. This is a delight, Jane…so true to nature, with a little wry human comment interposed. I like what you did with sound, also, and the rhyme in the final quatrain.
    Very nice!
    ( I hope those froggies are not keeping you awake nights!)

    • Thank you Cynthia. The froggies are loud but my husband’s snoring is louder as it is right next to me! The two compete for my attention, although I think that the frogs are more musical and am glad that you heard that in the poem.

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