Aimee was with Peter the whole time. She sat by the hospital window and watched while the doctors administered to him. They explained that they hoped to prevent his minor TIA from morphing into a deadly stroke. When they kept him overnight  she moved beside his bed and held his hand. By 2:00 am, she was exhausted and let her eyes close to catch a brief nap.

Peter moaned; Aimee opened her eyes to see a dark figure looming over the bed. She recognized him and tried to thrust him away.

“Go.” she ordered, “It is not time.”

“You are wrong.” countered the figure.

“You don’t understand.” she replied, “We two are soul mates. We found each other late in life, we haven’t been married long. We must have more time together.”

“Time together?”

“Yes, we are together. You must not separate us!”

The figure nodded and disappeared.

By 4:00 am the ward was humming with action. The man in the adjacent room had died. Aimee knew that this was a result of her conversation.  She did not discuss her suspicions. The the next morning she was delighted when the doctor told her that Peter could go home. She brought her car round to the door of the hospital and watched the nurse wheel Peter out. He climbed into the passenger seat with ease. She loosened her seat belt and leaned over to kiss him on the lips. She turned on the radio and they laughed as she drove away. The dog appeared at the first intersection. She swerved to avoid it. In that prolonged awful second that they slammed, out of control, toward a concrete wall she saw the nocturnal visitor again.

“Wish granted,” he said “You are together!”

6 thoughts on “GRIM REAPER

  1. Ekkk, ‘be careful what you wish for’…..hugs for you, Jane. That’s a loving thing to wish for. xX

  2. Yes along with Eric I expected them to go together but thought in the morning at the hospital both of them would have entered the happy hunting ground together. This one is a shocker! 🙂

  3. Yikes!

    Actually, I expected something like that to happen – he grants one’s last wish, especially if it’ll save him another trip, for the harvest is plenty but time remains the same.

    But the promise of the inevitable kept me reading on. You do that, Jane – let slip the end, but raise the stakes so that I’m compelled to find the means that will lead to the end.

    Good job, another good read 🙂

    P/s. Honduras – sounds exotic.

    • I’m glad that you read on even though you guessed the outcome – as usual I thank you and savor your comments.
      PS Yes Honduras was exotic, hot, humid and so poor. My next post is to be set in the Honduran jungle. JS

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