Lucy joined Alex and Alice. The three stood at their front room window watching Mr. Roadrunner, who stood on a short garden wall a few feet from the window. They admired his size and his cinnamon, blackish and white freckled feathers. He flexed his long tail and seemed to look at the three in the window. It was clear that he didn’t see through the glass. Presently, they saw a streak crossing the road and Mrs. Roadrunner joined him.

“They are magnificent,” commented Alice. “How fast they run! Monogamous, mates for life; rather like us.” She turned and looked at her husband. Then she went on, “do you remember the old Wile E Coyote / Roadrunner cartoons? I enjoyed watching those trailers. It’s a pity that they are no longer shown.”

“Beep. Beep.” replied Alex. They turned and gave each other a high five.

Lucy stood motionless between them, still fixated on the pair of birds.

“I heard the coyotes last night,” said Alice. “Their commotion upsets Lucy. I’m glad to see that she is calmer now. I wonder if she knows something we don’t; like what they are communicating. Is it a noise when they make a kill, or are they calling for reinforcements as they hunt?”

“Perhaps they are opening an order from Acme. One of those fateful contraptions that Wile E Coyote ordered to assist him in catching Roadrunner!”

Alice giggled “The roadrunner can go fifteen miles an hour; no wonder Wile never caught him!”

“They are doing quite well here for they have caught everything else- – all the domestic cats and wild rabbits. I think that even the dog population is diminished.”

“Surely, they don’t hunt dogs. They are the same species, aren’t they? However, talking about coyote prey, I’d love it if they could also work on the squirrels.”

By now, the Roadrunners had left; and Lucy wandered away. Alex and Alice went about their various household activities.

That evening the coyote calls were close. Lucy was very agitated and roused Alex and Alice. Again, the three stood at a window. This time it was their backyard window where they could see beyond into the greenbelt where the coyotes called. Alex slid the back door open and stepped outside. The night was balmy, and the cloudless sky twinkled with stars. Alice joined him. Together they stood breathing fragrant night air.

The coyotes called again; this time Lucy responded. She ran out between Alex and Alice’s legs, and made for a hole in the fence. She was gone before they realized what was going on. They wondered what an Australian Sheepdog, like Lucy, would do with a pack of coyotes and suspected that she would return. They were wrong Lucy had heard and responded to The Call of The Wild. She was gone. The next neighborhood newsletter described the coyotes, who were continuing to kill outdoor domestic pets and had morphed into a ferocious pack led by a large alpha who looked strangely like a dog.

4 thoughts on “WILE E COYOTE

  1. Haha, you have to watch those Australian dogs Jane, come to think of it you need to be careful of all things Australian 🙂 🙂 My first impressions were that it was a dog called Lucy. Didn’t think of a cat Eric.

    • Your comment also made me laugh and think of Yellow Dog Dingo and Old Man Kangaroo. How I love those Just So Stories! Lucy and Her pack might have been able to run Old Man Kangaroo – I wonder!!!!!!

  2. You had me going there until the last paragraph. I thought Lucy was a cat.

    Your story brought back many memories. Acme – yes back then Acme made everything. It was a standing joke.

    I love the Jack London books and my favourite was White Fang, that wolfdog. I first read the book in the 1960s. The fight between White Fang and the lynx remains in my mind to this day.

    Lucy must have put up some fight too, to have taken over the pack. Anyway, now with an Australian sheep dog leading the pack, I suppose we’ll hear the last of the Beep-Beeps. Yes, I recall that cartoon series. Predictable but always delightful.

    And instead of Acme, the coyotes will probably order their stuff from Woolsworths 🙂

    Good read, Jane and thank you,

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed it and am gratified that it brought back so many memories. As always your comments cover the spectrum! You missed one clue as Lucy is one of the favorite names for a dog in both In both the UK and USA.
      I believe that nowadays Acme along with Woolworths and the rest are usurped by Amazon!
      Cheerio, Jane

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