The Image – a poem


This is a poem which I wrote some time ago. Last week I plagiarized it to use it to answer Eric Alagan’s challenge for a 55 word piece on portrait which he posted on Written Words Never Die This being so I thought that I ought to post the whole poem here.

An image random found
In the city’s anonymous crowd
Is held before my outstretched person,
As precious as a famous portrait,
As fresh as a saint in fresco.
A face in the rushing crowd,
Suddenly, to transcend the media,
Being to me a window
Opening to you beyond.
So the face hoarded, valued,
As a great master’s painting,
Timeless, space-less, beautiful,
Is hung in the galleries of my mind.

7 thoughts on “The Image – a poem

  1. Thank you Lydia. I’ve corrected the spelling (how awful) and added the ‘a’. Thank you for these thoughtful and insighttful comments. I’m going to have to think about random or randomly and also about space-less although I understand your points. Sometimes it is hard to let go of a word or line in a poem without letting it turn over in one’s mind.

  2. Ah, so this is the original poem. I’m glad you posted this Jane, as now I get the full flavour on why you wanted that word “hanging” to remain. Lovely.

    All good wishes and tank you for mentioning me here,
    Eric 😀
    P/s Today, I posted your 55 word flash fiction on the House – as part of my Gallery.

  3. Hi Jane, This are quick English-teacher-as-editor comments. Line 1: randomly? Line 4: as a (add a?) Line 10: hoarded (sp?) Line 12: Can an image, even one in the mind, be space-less?

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