The Miracle of the Lily – a poem


This year my amaryllises are early. Each year their loveliness astonishes me and I wonder how so much beauty can come out of a simple bulb which looks like a large union. I have many varieties but the first bloom is always a traditional common single-headed flower as I photographed this morning.

Mix together dirt,
Water, fresh air,
One fist-sized bulb
And bathe in sunlight.
No scientist can replicate
This simple formula.

Result, a fat green shoot,
Miraculously rising.
Eureka, it bursts open,
Heads of Amaryllis color.
Four exquisite blooms,
Delicate membranes shimmer.

This lily a tiny thread
Of the globe’s fabric
Glory to surpass Solomon.
In it, the pure hand of creation,
As it is a million times a second,
Everywhere on our beautiful earth.

2 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Lily – a poem

  1. I really liked your prnformaece because you all worked together really well. Kirsty was very loud and clear. The sound effects really made the poem interesting and fun to watch. Maybe next time you could keep the instruments in your hand so that you don’t keep bending down.

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