The future – a poem.

If I could look ahead,
See into the future,
Would I, peeping, see you?
Or would my stolen glance,
Find another’s eyes,
Gazing into mine?

© Copyright, September 2013, Jane Stansfeld

12 thoughts on “The future – a poem.

    • Trust you, Wyon, to think that it might be peeping beyond the curtain of death. I hadn’t thought of this additional dimension, but now that you suggest it I rather like it.

    • My reply got posted in the wrong place. It was just to thank you for your visit and to wish you the best of days or is it already night down under? Jane.

        • My comment was not intended to be derogatory so I apologize if it came over thus. I agree that, naturally, our night is your day. On earth there truly is no up or down which is in itself
          quite a conundrum.

          • Oh my! I would never have thought such a thing. I love humour and my comments were in that respect. I’m sorry if I came across differently. It’s me who should apologize.

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